AMC 2021 - Screenings & Discussion Event

Posted by Plyasm to the Club blog
7:09PM Monday, 1 March 2021

Hello yes rapid fire here first we have Discussion event this week please come!

4th March, Thursday, 2-5pm in Discord Voice Channels.


Clubs Expo will happen on Thursday as well! Please drop by, have a chat, and sign up if you haven't!

We also have the sign up form right here on the website so please use that!


Screenings! If for some god forsaken reason you don't want to take the one extra click to the screenings page on the website, here's the list!

Monday (1-2pm)
Hehe 69 coefficient

Tuesday (12-2pm)
Title does not reflect content
Akudama Drive
From the author of Danganronpa, we can more p a i n

Wednesday (1-2pm)
Saiki Kusuo no Ψ-nan
The jokes write themselves in here

Thursday (1-2pm)
Princess Jellyfish
Jellyfish otaku vs crossdresser

Fruits Basket(2019)
Tanaka-kun is Always Listless
It's just a guy being lazy

*Underlined titles have Content warning: Violence

If you don't want to accidentally miss a screening, make sure you put on the Screening Follower role in the server so you get pinged whenever we screen something!
Have fun watching!

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AMC 2021 - O week events!

Posted by Plyasm to the Club blog
9:39PM Friday, 19 February 2021

Hi everyone, it's almost time for the semester to begin!

And of course, you know what that means! pain and suffering O week, as well as SummerFest 2021!

As usual, we will be hosting our stall in the online carnival, so please come look for us and make sure you sign up for membership this year!!

And along with O week, we also have some events lined up!

The first is the Games event, where you can all come and have fun playing games like Scribbl.io, Jackbox, Among us etc.! We are also hosting general Q&A during this period so if you are new and have questions, feel free to come and ask!
The next will be the Drawing event, where of course, you can come and draw whatever you want, and just generally chill!

And now for them deets that you need to come : )

HopIn(SummerFest stall/Membership signup): 23rd & 25th Feb, 4th March.
Access here! https://umsu.unimelb.edu.au/events/online-clubs-expo/

Games event & QnA: 23rd Feb, Tuesday, 12pm - <define late time here>
In our discord channels!

Drawing event: 25th Feb, Thursday, 12pm - <whenever you feel like it>
Also in our discord channels!

See you next week!

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AMC 2020 - Week Eleven Drawing Event

Posted by Anii to the Club blog
4:20PM Sunday, 18 October 2020


As always, screenings and weekly meetups will be running aaas per normal.

Last week there was a bit of a hiccup with the dates and it was only noticed very close to the movie night so big apologies for that! If there is enough interest from those who missed it, we can run an encore screening of Paprika.

That aside, this week on Thursday we will be holding a drawing event where you can let your creativity free and work on a neato collaborative piece with the rest of the AMC crew!
When: 14:15-17:15, Thursday, 22/10/2020 (this is the right date this time I promise)
Where: The AMC Discord Server

That concludes this weeks announcements~! Have a good week and stay healthy and safe frens!

Your AMC Committee

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AMC 2020 - Week Ten Movie Night

Posted by Anii to the Club blog
4:20PM Monday, 12 October 2020


Hope you're having a wonderful week. This week, screenings and meetups will be running as per usual <3

Also this week we will be streaming Paprika, Satoshi Kon's delve into the world of dreams and the weak threads that exist between fantasy and reality.
alternately: Paprika is a ground spice made from dried red fruits of sweeter varieties of the plant Capsicum annuum. It is traditionally made from Capsicum annuum varietals in the Longum group, which also includes chili peppers, but the peppers used for paprika tend to be milder and have thinner flesh. In many languages, but not English, the word paprika also refers to the plant and the fruit from which the spice is made, as well as to peppers in the Grossum group (e.g. bell peppers).
(from wikipedia)
Content warnings: Intense imagery, implied sexual violence (this one's complicated, contact chewyfitz, watari, currently BWAH-tari, or apple in the discord server if you need more information on this)
When: 18:00-21:00, Thursday, 22/10/2020
Where: The AMC Discord Server

Thank you and have a lovely week,
Your AMC Committee

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