AMC 2023 Sem 2 Non-Teaching Period - Karaoke and Marathon

Posted by Manas to the Club blog
8:00PM Sunday, 24 September 2023

Hullo AMC,

The non-teaching period has begun! Make the most of the rest, have fun, sleep and take care. With this in mind, we have something that could help!

AMC Karaoke and Marathon
Once again, we have booked the neighbouring Malaysian and Singapore theatres for 6 hours straight! One shall be used to binge anything and everything of you choice. The other, sing to any song of your choice at the top of your lungs! We will also be having soft drinks to sate your sugary needs.

Event: AMC Karaoke and Marathon
When: 14:00-20:00, Thursday 28/09/2023
Where: PAR-Glyn Davis-B120 (Singapore Theatre) & B121 (Malaysian Theatre)

Artist Alley Update
Another reminder for our anticipated Artist Alley. In addition, here are details about the booths and respective spectacular artists involved in the event!

Booth 1
Alyssa/Qiqi (@furioso)
instagram: @miyawehh

Suzuka (@Suzukayouraku)
Instagram: @suzukayouraku
Twitter: @suzukayouraku

Booth 2
Athena (@nahwhale)
Instagram: @allthingsshallow
Twitter: @allthingsshallo

Jib (@chocoda_jib)
Instagram: @chocoda_jib
Twitter: @chocoda_jib
Youtube: @chocoda_jib

Booth 3
Luhuala (@Luhuala)
Instagram: @luhuala_art
Twitter: @LuhualaArt

TWElve (@twe12lve_e)
Instagram: @twe12lve_e
Twitter: @TWE12lve_e

Booth 4
TrulyAbyzmal (@trulyabyzmal)
Instagram: @AbyzmalArt
Twitter: @TrulyAbyzmal

Ebbifuri (@ebbifuri)
Instagram: @ebbifuri

Liannnarts_jg (@liannnpop)
Instagram: @liannnarts_jg
Twitter: @liannnarts_jg

Booth 5
Blue Katsudon (@potatboo)
Instagram: @bluekatsudon

ricekyube (@1nsyi)
Instagram: @ricekyube
Twitter: @ricekyube

Booth 6
AdamCreyton (@Creyton)
Tumblr: AdamCreyton
Twitter: @AdamCreyton

Booth 7


Booth 8
Steffles (@Steffles)
Instagram: @steffles.art
Twitter: @steffles1018

echo artworks (@ech00.wy)
Instagram: @ech00art
Twitter: @ech00art
Pixiv: echo


Booth 9

To artists, please lemme know if you don't see your details on the list or if there are any errors!

Tis all for the moment, I shall let you return to your much deserved break.
- Your AMC Committee

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AMC 2023 Sem 2 W9 - Games Night III

Posted by Manas to the Club blog
2:48PM Monday, 18 September 2023

Hullo AMC,

Apologies for the wait. I have returned alive from the depths of hell! And, I bear news about week 9!

Weekly Meetings 
This section kinda redundant with how late I am, but added nonetheless.

Event: Weekly Meeting
When: 2:00-4:00pm, every Monday
Where: PAR-Chemistry wing-158 (Weeks 7 to 9)

Games Night 
Escape Room plans fell through, and so we have had to turn to old reliable. Bring every single game within your grasp and destroy everyone who stands before you!

Event: Games Night III
When: 18:00-21:00, Friday 22/09/23
Where: PAR-Arts West North Wing-256

Artist Alley Reminder
Committee members and our fabulous artists continue to work behind the scenes to make this event a reality! A full list of our fantastic artists will be announced nearer to the event. Also thankyou to artists who have designed posters for the event! You may see them around campus soon (the one attached has been made by @Luhuala). In any case, keep an eye out for this event 👀.

Event: Artist Alley
When: 11:00-17:00, Thursday 05/10/23
Where: Market Hall, Building 189

Now I slep,
- Your AMC Committee

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AMC 2023 Sem 2 W8 - Drawing and Makeup Event

Posted by Manas to the Club blog
9:36PM Sunday, 10 September 2023

Hullo AMC,

Week 8 is among us. We are now two weeks away from midsem break, so keep at it a little more! 

Weekly Meetings 
If you wanna hang out during the week, you know where to go!

Event: Weekly Meeting
When: 2:00-4:00pm, every Monday
Where: PAR-Chemistry wing-158 (Weeks 7 to 9)

Drawing and Makeup Event?
With our prez hooking members onto gesture sessions, and Bell teaching others the way of cosplays, this event was only inevitable! Modelling for art, prettying one's face, this workshop will have you covered!

Event: Drawing and Makeup Event
When: 18:00-21:00, Friday 15/09/2023
Where: PAR-Arts West North Wing-461

Facebook Update
Some of us, including me, are locked out of the facebook. To get access to it again, they're requesting for my ID. Over my dead body.
Due to this, people might not be receiving updates from facebook for quite some time. 

Live. Laugh. Love. Idk.
- Your AMC Committee

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AMC 2023 Sem 2 W7 - Expos and Wig Workshop

Posted by Manas to the Club blog
3:39PM Sunday, 3 September 2023

Hullo AMC,

We are now into week 7. Got a couple of things prepped for this week. So, if you're intrigued, please drop by!

Weekly Meetings
It will be hosted in a different room to last week.

Event: Weekly Meeting
When: 2:00-4:00pm, every Monday
Where: PAR-Chemistry wing-158 (Weeks 7 to 9)

Bell’s Wig Styling Workshop
Accompany our boisterous Art Director Bell in figuring out how to style a wig. If you have your own wig to style, bring that by as well! Before this, you'll be able to find her at the Trinity College event on the same day (outlined later in this announcement). And a word from Bell herself: "ill be cosplaying dies that i mean i gi to event in cos". Make of that what you will.

Event: Bell’s Wig Styling Workshop
When: 6:00-9:00pm, Friday 08/09/23
Where: PAR-Arts West North Wing-256

International Week
As part of the UMSU International Week event, we will be hosting an activity booth! The gist of the event is that attendees receive a booklet/passport, visit different booths, do their activities and recieve a stamp (you may have seen Kaob's post on ⁠✏-creative-🎶 👀). For a bit more info on the event as a whole, see https://umsu.unimelb.edu.au/events/7929/3857/.

Event: Weebs at International Week
When: 12:00-3:00pm, Tuesday 05/09/23
Where: Concrete Lawn

Fair Dinkum Clubs and Activities Expo
We'll also be hosting another booth at the club expo for Trinity College. We've been told the expo will be offering delicious food, great music performances and an overall amazing vibe! So if you want to see us and more, plan a visit! Tickets are free, but booking is essential: https://www.trybooking.com/events/landing/1111942.

Event: Fair Dinkum Clubs and Activities Expo
When: 12:30pm-2:00pm, Friday 08/09/23
Where: Gateway Building, Trinity College

Hope to see y'all there!
- Your AMC Committee

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