AMC 2023 Sem 1 W11 - Trivia Night

Posted by Manas
1:48PM Sunday, 14 May 2023

Hullo AMC,

Tis now week 11. We have a big boi prepared this week 👀, and maybe another one the week after. Have a look!

Weekly Meetup

The schedule for the Weekly Meetup should be the same as last week.

Event: Weekly Meetup
When: 1-3pm, Monday 15/05/23
Where: Chemistry Building, room 158

Trivia Night (hosted by Joshua, Duncan, Su, Wang, James and Manas)

Test your otaku/weeb knowledge in AMC's semesterly Trivia Night! 10 prizes await to be seized... Prove yourself by surviving 7 rounds of degenerate anime and manga trivia! Also, if you're feeling peckish during this trial by fire, we'll also be having 🍕 and 🧄 🍞 .

Event: Trivia Night
When: 6-9:30pm, Friday 19/05/23
Where: Sidney Myer Asia Centre - 106 (Yasuko Hiraoka Myer Room) (Important-Location has changed)

End of Semester Dinner

We're also preparing the End of Semester Dinner. Plans are to have it on 26/05, Friday. In order to gauge interest and finalise it, we have prepared a google form. If you are the slightest bit inclined to attend, please fill it out! The link can be found in our discord.

We look forward to seeing you there!
- Your AMC Committee


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