AMC 2023 Sem 1 Non-Teaching Period - Marathon and Karaoke Event

Posted by Manas
2:05PM Sunday, 9 April 2023

Hullo AMC,

Hope you all are enjoying the beginnings of the non-teaching period! In case you're free, we've also prepared something over the break for you to check out!

Marathon and Karaoke Event
We've bought soft drinks and booked the neighbouring Malaysia and Singapore theatres for two separate activities on the same day. One will be used for a non-stop 5 hour marathon of anime of your choice. In the other, feel free to pick up the mic/s and sing your heart out with others!

Event: Marathon and Karaoke Event
When: 2-8pm, Thursday 13/04/23
Where: PAR-Glyn Davis (MSD)-B120 (Singapore Theatre) and B121 (Malaysian Theatre)

Rest up and enjoy your break!
- Your AMC Committee


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