AMC 2023 Sem 1 W6 - Mystery Movie Night

Posted by Manas
6:21PM Sunday, 2 April 2023

Hullo AMC ,

It is now Week 6 of the semester. Survive one more week and you'll be rewarded with the non-teaching period (where you can catch up on lectures)!

Weekly Meetup
The schedule for the Weekly Meetup is different from last week! The room has been updated.

Event: Weekly Meetup
When: 1-3pm, Monday 03/04/23
Where: Chemistry Building, room 158

Movie Night
This week's event will be another Movie Night! Once again, the movie and short film will remain a mystery until the event. So... be prepared to laugh, cry, cringe, or soil your pants!

Event: Mystery Movie Night
When: 6-9pm, Thursday 06/04/23
Where: PAR-Glyn Davis (MSD)-B117

We hope to see you there!

- Your AMC Committee


  1. Trivia Night (with Prizes and Pizzas)
  2. Weekly Meetup

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