AMC 2023 Sem 1 W1 - Screenings and Games NIght

Posted by SamCThePotato
9:30AM Sunday, 26 February 2023

Hey AMC,

We hope you enjoyed your summer break. Today's announcement is a big one!

Screening Schedule
Our first announcement is our all-important Screening schedule for this semester. Did you guess the hints correctly? ;)

Monday, 12-1pm: Zombieland Saga (Old Arts, room 124 (Theatre C))
Tuesday, 12-1pm: Vivy: Fluorite Eye's Song, 1-2pm: Ao Ashi (Old Arts, room 103)
Wednesday, 12-1pm: Log Horizon (Old Geology, room G04 (Theatre 1))
Thursday, 1-2pm: Moriarty the Patriot (Chemistry, room 371 (Senior Theatre))
Friday, 12-1pm: Yuru Campā–³ Season 2, 1-2pm: Great Pretender (Building 168, room 416 (Steve Howard Theatre))

Information about screenings is always available at

Weekly Meetup
Weekly Meetups will be happening after the Monday screening each week. At Weekly Meetups, we do not have anything in particular planned, it is simply a time to hang out with your fellow club members. Here's the details for this week:

Event: Weekly Meetup
When: 1-3pm, Monday 27/02/23
Where: Chemistry building, room 158

Games Night 
This week's event is a Games Night! Bring your board/card/video games, or just bring yourself to have a fun-filled first weekly event of the semester!

Event: Games Night
When: 6-9pm, Tuesday 28/02/23
Where: Old Arts, room 204

New Memberships
2022 memberships will be expiring at the end of this month, so here's a reminder that if you haven't bought your 2023 AMC membership yet, you can do so at AMC memberships provide you with discounts to our sponsors, allow you to participate in our General Meetings, and are only $5 for the year.

We hope to see you at our events this week, and hope that you enjoy the first week of semester 1!

- Your AMC Committee


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