AMC 2022 Sem 1 W6 - Games Night!

Posted by SamCThePotato
2:00PM Sunday, 3 April 2022

Hey AMC,
We're nearly halfway through the semester now, and it's time for Week 6!

Due to the recent COVID-19 situations with meetup and dinner, this week's events will be held online to ensure safety of our club members.

Weekly Meetup
Weekly Meetup is running on Monday, on Discord after screening:
Event: Weekly Meetup
Where: AMC Discord, General VC
When: Monday from 2pm onwards, 04/04/22

Games Night
This week's event is our second Games Night of the semester! Come along to play some Jackbox, Among Us, Gartic Phone and more!
Event: Games Night
Where: AMC Discord, Event VC
When: Friday from 7pm onwards, 08/04/22

Secret Santa
Secret Santa signups are happening right now! Signups will be closing on April 9th, so make sure to get your signup in before then. Details are in the previous Discord announcement~

‚Äč- Your AMC Commitee


Weekly Meetup - Mondays 2-4PM (see announcements for venue) End of Semester Dinner - Friday (27/5) 6PM, The Shaw Davey Slum, 171-175 Elgin St

Discord (Chat)

Want to join in on events? Check out our Discord server!

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Screenings are now running via streaming within the Discord server~


Check out the new library site for information about how to borrow, and what series we have (it's a lot, we have over 9TB of anime on offer!)


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