AMC 2022 Sem 1 W4 - Movie Night and more!

Posted by SamCThePotato
6:00PM Saturday, 19 March 2022

Hey AMC,

Hope you all had a fun first quarter of semester, because it's already time for week 4!

Weekly Meetup
Thanks to everyone who responded in our recent poll about Weekly Meetups - we've decided to change them back to Monday! We've got a bigger room, and the details are as follows:
Event: Weekly Meetup
Where: 100 Leicester Street, room 106
When: Monday from 2pm-4pm, 21/03/22

Movie Night!
This week's event is our first Movie Night for the semester. We'll be screening Promare!
Event: Movie Night
Where: Glyn Davis (MSD), room B121 (Malaysian Theatre)
When: Friday from 6pm-9pm, 25/03/22

Dinner and Drinks
For next week's event, we're planning to have Dinner and Drinks at Shaw Davey's! 
Event: Dinner and Drinks
Where: The Shaw Davey Slum, 171-175 Elgin St, Carlton
When: Friday from 6pm-9pm, 01/04/22 (It's not an April Fool's joke, we actually plan to have dinner this day)
We're running an interest check for it, so if you want to come along just click 'Interested' on the Discord event:

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