AMC 2022 S1 Week 1 - 2022 Memberships! Screening Schedule! Clubs Expo! Weekly Meetup! Games Night!

Posted by Sakuya
9:00PM Sunday, 27 February 2022

Hey AMC, 

2022 Membership!
Hey You! This is the last email you'll receive from us if you don't sign up to be become an AMC Member for this year :(
Click on the following link to sign up via qpay: AMC 2022 Membership Qpay Sign Up.
Our membership offers 10% discount for purchases at One Stop Anime and 5% discount for purchases at Critical Hit! If you've already signed up for this year, you can this disregard this paragraph. 

2022 Semester 1 Screenings!
New Semester, New Screening Schedule! 

Day Time Show
Monday 1pm - 2pm Tsukiuta
Tuesday 12pm - 1pm  Tokyo Revengers
  1pm - 2pm Inuyashiki
Wednesday  7pm - 8pm Re:Creators
Thursday 1pm - 2pm School Babysitters
Friday 4pm - 5pm Tiger and Bunny
  5pm - 6pm JoJo's Bizzare Adventure


Clubs Expo
We also have our Expo this week on Wednesday at a PHYSICAL VENUE!!!

Event: Clubs Expo 
Where: South Lawn
When: Wednesday 2pm to 5pm, 2/03/2022

Weekly Meetup!
Weekly Meetups are back! We're holding them physically on campus this time too!

Event: Monday Weekly Meetups! 
Where: Sidney Myer Asia Centre, Room G06
When: Every Monday, 2pm to 4pm

As we return to in-person events, please be sure to follow all university COVIDSafe guidelines, including mask-wearing, using QR check-ins, and social distancing where possible. Do not come to in-person events if you are feeling unwell.

Before you attend campus, please make sure that you have validated your vaccination and have completed the COVIDsafe Campus module. More information here: Unimelb - Coronavirus Update - Attending Campus

Games Night
We're bringing back Games Night in the coming Friday as a get together activity via Discord!

Event: Games Night
Where:  AMC Discord
When: Friday 7pm onwards, 4/03/2022

This has been quite a chonky email but, welcome back to Uni everyone! 


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