AMC 2021 S2 Week 11 Movie Night - Tokyo Godfathers

Posted by Sakuya
10:45AM Tuesday, 12 October 2021

Hey AMC, 

Weekly Event
Last 2 weeks of the teaching period for this semester everyone. Stay strong! This week we'll be having a Movie Night! The movie is Tokyo Godfathers.  

Event: Movie Night - Tokyo Godfathers
Where:  AMC Discord Server
When: Thursday 6pm onwards, 14/10/2021

Weekly Meetup
Weekly Meetups are running as per usual this week.

Event: Weekly Meetup
Where: AMC Discord Server
When: 2pm to 5pm Wednesday, 13/10/2021


Your AMC Committee


  1. General Meeting
  2. Weekly Meetup

General Meeting

Hello, Members

We are going to host a general meeting this week

Both avaiable online and on site

PAR‐Arts West North Wing‐361 OCT 20th 6 pm

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Discord (Chat)

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