AMC 2021 S2 Week 7 Discussion Event 2.0

Posted by Sakuya
9:30PM Monday, 6 September 2021

Hey AMC, 

Weekly Event
Welcome to Week 7, we've passed the halfway point of the semester yet the mid-sem break isn't here still. Anyway, this week we'll be having our second Discussion Event of the semester! 

Event: Discussion Event 2.0
Where:  AMC Discord Server
When: Tuesday 5pm onwards, 7/09/2021

AMC Merch
We've got a BIG NEWS for y'all! AMC Merch is real! You've been asking for them for years, so now we officially have AMC T-Shirts now! Check them out on the following google form to place an order: AMC T-Shirt Order Form

Screening Update
In other news, as we have entered the second half of the semester, that means 1 cour shows from our screening schedule are been swapped out! 

Day Time Slot Old Show New Show
Tuesday 1pm – 2pm Kaguya-sama S1 Kaguya-sama S2
Wednesday 7pm – 8pm Beastars S1 Beastars S2
Thursday 1pm – 2pm A3! Cells at Work S1
Friday 5pm – 6pm Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu: Die Neue These Baccano

Weekly Meetup
As usual, Weekly Meetups are running this week.

Event: Weekly Meetup
Where: AMC Discord Server
When: 2pm to 5pm Wednesday, 8/09/2021


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  2. Weekly Meetup

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