AMC 2021 S2 Week 6 Games Night 2 Electric Boogaloo

Posted by Sakuya
9:00AM Tuesday, 31 August 2021

Hey AMC, 

Oh would you look at that, it is Week 6 already! Time sure is flying by. This week we'll be having our second Games Night on Discord!

Event: Games Night 2 Electric Boogaloo
Where:  AMC Discord Server
When: Thursday 6pm onwards, 2/09/2021

Weekly Meetups are running as per usual.

Event: Weekly Meetup
Where: AMC Discord Server
When: 2pm to 5pm Wednesday, 1/09/2021

Screenings are running as per usual. For further information, click here: 
Also, some of our 1 cour screening shows will be ending this week, so look forward to new screening shows next week!

As you all may have noticed, we've been experimenting our weekly anime screening schedule by hosting some of them in the evening slot rather than our usual lunch time slot. We would like some feedback on how you feel about these changes and ask you all, which slot benefits you in the following Google Form: (We're sending out this paragraph again since in the last email, only a few people responds T_T and we'd like to hear from a bit more to get a better representation).


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