AMC 2021 S2 Week 1 Games Night

Posted by Sakuya
8:00PM Sunday, 25 July 2021

Hey AMC, 

Welcome back everyone and Semester 2 will start tomorrow. We hope you all have recharged your batteries and ready to start this new semester strong! We're also starting off pretty strong this semester with a stacked Week 1 filled with events. 

Event: Clubs Online Expo 2.0
Where: Hopin 
When: 12pm to 2pm Wednesday, 28/07/2021

Event: Games Night
Where: AMC Discord Server
When: 5pm towards Thursday, 29/07/2021

Another important announcement for this week is about our Weekly Screening Schedule! They will be held on our Watch Together VC on AMC Discord Server.

Day Time Show
Monday 1pm - 2pm Hyouka
Tuesday 12pm - 1pm Initial D First Stage
  1pm - 2pm Kaguya-sama: Love is War
Wednesday 7pm - 8pm Beastars
Thursday 1pm - 2pm A3! Season Spring & Summer
Friday 4pm - 5pm Saiki K Season 2
  5pm - 6pm Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu: Die Neue These

This semester we're experimenting with holding some screenings later in the day so that they would be more accessible to our members who might otherwise be busy during the day due to scheduled classes or other commitments during the normal lunch period.

We'll be running evening screenings on Wednesday (7pm - 8pm) and Friday (4pm - 6pm) instead of during their traditional time slots for this semester.

Weekly Meetups are returning this semester and they will be held on our discord server for the time until we're allowed to return to campus!

Event: Weekly Meetup
Where: AMC Discord Server
When: 2pm to 5pm Wednesday, 28/07/2021

We hope to see you attending our events!


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