AMC 20201 Week 8 Games Night 2.0

Posted by Sakuya
12:10PM Monday, 26 April 2021

Hello Everyone!

Hope y'all are doing fine. We've entered Week 8 of the semester now. We're 2/3 of the way through this semester so stay strong everyone! Our special event this week is Games Night 2.0 on the Thursday, 29th of April from 6 to 9pm!

Come along to enjoy games like Among Us, Cards Against Humanity (Azala), Jackbox, Fall Guys, and other games that spontaneously sprout on the night! It's a casual occasion so drop by and have fun with the others! 

It's all held on our Discord so if you haven't joined, click on the Discord icon on the side panel on your right. 

Tuesday Weekly Meetups at Joe Nap A, Level 2 Union House from 2pm to 5pm are running as per usual so attend them too!

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