AMC Week 7 Movie Night - Hello World

Posted by Sakuya
6:30PM Sunday, 18 April 2021

Hey Everyone!

Hope y'all enjoyed the jam packed event schedule we had last week. This week, we'll take it a bit easy to enjoy our second MOVIE NIGHT for this semester.

Movie Night: Hello World
When: Thursday 22/4/2021 6pm ~ 9pm
Where: Discord Watch Together channel

As usual, we still have our screenings running at our usual times. However, on Thursdays from this week onwards, we'll be screening Aoi Hana. On Fridays, Bungou Stray Dogs will be replacing the 1pm time slot of the screening.

Weekly meet-ups are also running this week, but it is not on discord this time! You guessed, it's a physical, on campus meet-up!

Weekly Meet-up
 Tuesday 20/4/2021 2:15pm ~ 4:15pm
Where: Training Room 2, Level 3 Union House

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