AMC 2020 - Games Night on Discord

Posted by Plyasm
4:05PM Wednesday, 22 July 2020

Hello everyone! We've got some stuffs going on this week, namely the Online Games event!

It's been a while since the last game night(even though it's in the afternoon), so it's a good thing we're hosting it again!

This time, we'll be possibly focusing on Mahjong, which gained some popularity recently, Drawful, and perhaps even the revival of Cards Against Humanity since we've salvaged our decks somewhat and there's a new site found to replace it. Though, those are just possible games we could be doing, so maybe we might even get on with some action!

Either way, come join us for games night this Friday!


24/07/2020 Friday, 2pm, Games night

Possible games: Mahjong, Drawful, CAH, etc

Join discord VCs when it happens

See you there!


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