AMC 2020 - Week Eight Movie Night

Posted by Anii
3:25PM Sunday, 26 April 2020


As always, screenigns and weekli meetup will be running as per normal :>

And without further ado, the announcement of this weeks movie event!

For those of you who enjoyed Wolf Children, we have another movie directed by Mamoru Hosoda, Summer Wars! It’s a love comedy, it’s a science fiction movie, it’s a high stakes thriller- Summer Wars is a crazy movie that explores both the pros and perils of living in a 2010 online society as a generic Japanese teenager. Also shoutouts to his co-writer Satoko Okudera who also worked on both movies.

As for our short… Did someone say Mamoru Hosoda triple dip? The title’s a secret, but if you want to know more, it’s the OVA that directly inspired Summer Wars. Not a movie to be judged by its cover, Hosoda’s tight direction allows this OVA to transcend its roots in the shonen genre and stand as an authentic, aesthetically masterful production in its own right.
When: 18:00-21:00, Wednesday, 29/04/2020
Where: The Watch Together Channel in the AMC Discord

As always, stay healthy and safe frens, and we hope to see you at the movie~

-Your AMC Committee 


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