AMC2019 - Discussion Event! Meetups!

Posted by Watari
7:25AM Saturday, 31 August 2019

Happy Saturday y'all!

Thanks to everyone that went to Movie Night last Thursday! Hope you enjoyed watching Princess Mononoke! And Hero Yoshihiko! The midsems they are a-coming, as are our events for this week.

Weekly Meetup for week 6 will be in Old Quad G10 again because Union House rooms are a tricky book. Come along for the Discussion Event prologue! Or if you can't make it on Thursday.

What: Week 6 Meetup!
When: Wednesday, 04/09/19 14:00 - 16:00
Where: Old Quad - G10

We wind down a little bit this week and proceed with just a Discussion Event for week 6. We'll have Pocky and drinks and ample opportunities to just have a chat about what's been going on lately.

What: Discussion Event!
When: Thursday, 05/09/19 14:15-17:15
Where: Union House, 2nd Floor - Mary Cooke A

Of course screenings are still happening 5 days a week and you can see the details of that in the Screenings tab of our website! Some shows are (or at least should be) finishing this week so look forward to what shows are going to be replacing them for the next half of semester!

Warmly awaiting your presence,
- Your AMC Committee 


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