2018S2 - 16/8 Drawing Event 1

Posted by Usagi
6:10PM Friday, 10 August 2018

Hello everyone!

The next event is once again just around the corner. Next Thursday is our Drawing Event! It's a chill event where we shack up in a spacious room and, well... draw! We'll be holing up in Graham Cornish A at the second floor of Union House from 1 to 5.15pm. Feel free to drop by anytime between then! You can, of course, bring along your own fancy equipment to the session. We'll also be providing paper and pencils for those who want to just drop in for a few minutes. Meet your fellow artists and share your work! :D

Once again... the details are:
Date: Thursday 16th August
Time: 1-5.15pm
Location: Graham Cornish A, 2nd floor Union House

You may also have a shiny email to do with Madfest in your inbox, so if you didn't get the email about this event, maybe check your spam folder (and mark it not spam).

That's all for now~
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