Discussion Event 1

Chewyfitz Posted by Chewyfitz
12:30PM Tuesday, 27 February 2018

We forgot to add this to the website until now, but ignoring that...

First, a big welcome to all the new members who have joined us this semester, and of course, a big welcome back to our old members to this new semester. Now you will be dumped with assignments and tests! (But of course, we do not care about those. Time for more anime.)

On Thursday, we're having our first event of the 2018 Semester 1; a Discussion Event. This event is for you to talk about anything and everything anime and manga (and maybe some things that aren't) and mock each other’s taste, and question why you even watch Eromanga Sensei.

Date: Thursday 1st March
Time: 2pm to 5pm
Location: Joe Napolitano A

We're all chill when it comes to Discussion Events. Feel free to hop in and out according to your schedule. As usual, we'll have our complementary pocky and drink waiting for you.

See you there!


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