Definitely Not A Silent Voice Movie Night - The Children Who Chase Lost Voices

Chewyfitz Posted by Chewyfitz
10:30PM Thursday, 10 August 2017

Hoshi wo Ou Kodomo poster image

What: The Children Who Chase Lost Voices (Hoshi wo Ou Kodomo) (

When: Thursday 17th August, 2017,
6:15PM – 8:45PM
(Movie will start at around 6:45, and runs for approximately 2 hours)

Where: Old Geology B-25 (Theatre 2)

Seems to be about time for another event: we didn’t even have anything for our members to do this week (apart from screenings of course!)

I believe many of you have heard of the famed anime movie director Shinkai Makoto: who gave us some masterpieces such as 5cm per second and The Garden of Words. (What? There’s a movie I forgot to mention? Weird, it must have been a horrible, failed, not well-known movie from him.)

So why am I even talking about Shinkai Makoto you ask? Well, it is obviously because the next movie we will be showcasing to you guys will be ‘Children who Chase Lost Voices’ directed by him! 

Come and join us in watching the movie together as a group to have some laugh and once again make some jokes about politics and trump. As usual, a free pocky and drink is provided to all who comes and sign the green sheet.

As this is a very casual event so go ahead and bring your friends and family and non-weebs to force them to become a weeb as well.


Will see you there.


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