Movie Night 11/05/2017 - Harmony/ie

Posted by Giffo
10:17PM Friday, 5 May 2017

Are your assignments piling up? Getting a bit too much to bear? Need to balance your time more effectively?
Well you’re in luck!
AMC is showing Harmony on the 11th of May (that’s next week!) we’ll also be showing the 25-minute short film “Harmonie” (because they’re homonyms).

Who: You and us, let’s watch the movie together!
Where: Greenwood Theatre, Electrical Engineering Building.
When: 6pm-8:45, Thursday May 11

We’ll be showing Harmonie at 6:15pm, and then going on to the main event (The movie), starting Harmony at about 6:45pm.
Why: Because you need more distractions in week 10! (Also, it’ll help* you to improve your study-life balance)
How: Just show up, sign the Green Sheet, grab your free pocky and drink and settle in to watch the movie!
*assistance in the balance of the ratio of study and life is not at all guaranteed. In fact, I don’t believe there is any mention of study-life balance in either of the films.

What we’re showing:
Harmony is a 2-hour delve into a world with perfected health and elongated lifespans, and the trouble that arises from such a utopian world.

Harmonie is completely different to Harmony. In fact, the only similarity is the title (and that they’re both anime). Harmonie is a story about how getting yourself into the world inside someone else’s head can help you connect.


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