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4:45PM Sunday, 5 March 2017

We'll be having an AGM next week on Tuesday instead of Ben-To (that is, 12:00 at Old Geology Theatre 2, Tuesday 14th March 2017, we won't start until 12:05, but feel free to get there at 12:00)!

First of all, FREE PIZZA.

What's an AGM you ask?
The AGM is our Annual General Meeting, it's where members decide on all matters of the running of the club! Such as adding an amendment to the constitution or electing all the new members for the next year!

What's this, Elections?
Yep, at the AGM we will be electing four people to the new executive committee and five people to the general committee. These positions are open to anyone (except the Returning Officer) so feel free to run if you'd like!

What are the positions?
Look at the constitution for what exactly is involved, but here's a general overview:

The executive committee has 4 positions:

President - The president of the club, generally acts as “the face” of the club and makes sure the club is running as it should. Exactly how much work is involved in this role (and others!) varies from committee to committee.

Vice-President - Covers the president's role if they're unavailable.

Secretary - Handles minute taking and other administrative details.

Treasurer - Handles finances of the club. The treasurer's work is to handle the finances of the club, keeping track of finances and presenting reports to club members at Annual General Meetings.

The general committee has 5 positions:

Librarian - Handles the maintenance and updating of the library that the club keeps as well as the website for members to visit. This role will often have a fair amount of contact with the librarians of old.

Webmaster - Handles the maintenance and updating of the website.

Publications Officer - Handles events and flyers, creating material for letting members know what we're up to.

Art Director - Handles art for club proceedings, this is most important to procure art for membership cards, but any additional art is also usually appreciated.

Liaison Officer - Handles communication with sponsors, sometimes negotiating new sponsors.

All positions are up for grabs so feel free to run!

Can you give a speech?
Of course! In fact, you should! When running for a position, you'll be permitted to make a short speech (2 minutes for an executive committee position, 1 minute for a general committee position) about who you are, and why you should be elected. The speech can contain anything you like, but there's no need to be too formal!

How do nominations work?
There are two main types of nominations: regular nominations and proxy nominations. For the former, the Returning Officer will ask attendees for any nominations. When this happens, any person may nominate any person (including themselves), which must be seconded by another person other than the nominee. If the nominated person chooses to accept this nomination, then they are nominated for that position. Also, you are certainly allowed to be nominated, and run, for multiple positions. But what if you can’t make it to the meeting itself? Well then read on to the following question...

Can you still run if you can't make it?
Yep, contact the Returning Officer, Grady, at with your speech and name and details (email and phone number you prefer to be contacted on, student number, course, etc.), and you’ll be nominated in proxy. Grady will read out your speech at the meeting in your stead. You may alternatively send an audio or video file or something along those lines, keeping in mind the maximum speech durations. If you do submit such a file, it is recommended that you provide a transcript in the case of technical difficulties.

What's that, you're worried Grady will ignore your proxy nomination?
Don't worry, as Grady is the Returning Officer, he can't run for any positions and will be handling the voting, so nothing should go wrong. You will need to make sure to get your nomination in before the meeting begins though, as Grady will be busy with the AGM and we can't guarantee your nomination won't come in after voting has finished.

Do you have to send Grady an email if you'll actually be there?
Nope, non-proxy nominations happen in the meeting itself, where self-nominations can be made and nominations from others can be declined or accepted by the person themself.

Do you need to be a student?
You can run for Executive Committee positions only if you're a current University of Melbourne student, but if you aren't, you can still run for General Committee positions. It’s only Executive Committee positions that are off the table in this case.

What's that, amendments to the constitution?
Ah no, none this AGM, you must have misheard.

Where's the current constitution?
See below!

What else is on?
The President's and Treasurer's reports will be presented covering the club’s state over the past year, and also we'll be having (free) pizza at the AGM, so feel free to grab some slices! Just don’t forget to sign the attendance sheet :)

What if you're not a member?
You can sign up for the club at the AGM and participate, no dramas.

What's that, that was too long and you didn't read it?
- Free Pizza
- Returning Officer is Grady (contact him at
- Elections
- Meeting opens at Tuesday 14th March 2017, Old Geology Theatre 2, 12:05

For further details, please click the following links to see a copy of our:

- The Anime and Manga Club’s Current Constitution
- AGM Agenda
- Financial Report (draft)


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