O-Week with AMC

Posted by Mokogari
10:00PM Friday, 17 February 2017

We hope you’ve enjoyed the summer break from university, but alas it is time for the following year to commence once more. For those who have graduated, con-grad-ulations, and for those continuing for another year, we look forward to seeing you all again!

Of course, with the new year comes new members! Next week is O-Week, and we have some events planned for it, so please feel welcome to come along, catch up with friends, and meet new club members. 

Don’t forget to sign up again though - all current memberships expire with the start of the new year. If you can’t make it to O-Week, it’s not a problem. You can sign up at any of our events.

Our stall will be up on the South Lawn on Thursday the 23rd, from approximately 11am - 2:30pm. Come say hi - and there’s a special, one-time deal of two boxes of Pocky available for signing up at the stall.

We’ll also be running a marathon on the same day, as well as on Thursday. The details are as follows (note the different locations):

Date: Wednesday, 22nd of February
9am - 5pm
Babel G03 (Lower Theatre)

Date: Thursday, 23rd of February
9am - 5pm
Old Arts-129 (Theatre B)

Facebook Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/178023549355102/

We’ll also be having a Welcome (Back) Party on Friday night of the first week of semester (two weeks from now), so make sure to keep your calendars open! More details to come in a future email.


    • No events at the moment.

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