Trivia Night

Posted by Giffo
7:00AM Friday, 14 October 2016

What's that feeling of doom in the air? Why won't people talk to you? Why are they all staring at their laptops, muttering? The answer is, of course, that they're cramming for the Semester 2 Trivia Night*!

*Would not recommend cramming for trivia.

Watch anime because you enjoy it, not to be good at trivia. Also, hate to tell you this... but they're probably studying. You probably should too, tbh.

When is it? Next Friday, so y'all can be, well, pretty close to having done all of your assignments at least. We made it Week 12 so you'd have finished all your assignments by the time trivia rolled around, not because there weren't any other free weeks ever made available or anything.... b-b-baka...

Where: The Lounge, Union House
When: 6 pm to 9 pm
Date: Friday October 21

We'll also be doing donburi orders from Ramen Ya; please fill in the form here by 11:59 pm on Thursday October 20 to place your order.

If at some point during the night you realize that you're running late and don't want your dinner auctioned off, please send us an email at At the same time, if you do need to cancel an order, please let us know in the same way.


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