Film Night II - Girls und Panzer der Film

Posted by Usagi
11:17PM Thursday, 25 August 2016

Hi everyone!

We hope the semester is going great for you so far. That said, whether you’re busy with assignments and could use a break, or... less so, we’ve got our second movie night next week! Come along and check it out!

The movie we’ll be showing is the movie Girls und Panzer der Film. This is an absolute must see if you’ve seen or have been watching the series. That said, the film doesn’t really rely on anything from the series, so you can come along whether you’ve seen the original series or not. The film is a fun and explosive piece of theatre that even non-fans of anime would find themselves enjoying. It won both the 2015 Sanctuary Award from the 25th Japanese Movie Critics Awards and the Best Dramatic Presentation Award from the 47th Seiun Awards, and it really deserves them. We’ve been planning to screen this film since about February, and screened the original series on Fridays to complement it, so hopefully that makes it clear how worth watching this movie is. So come along, you won’t regret it.

Date: Thursday, 1st September 2016
Location: Old Geology-B25 (Theatre 2)
Time: We’ll screen an OVA at 6pm and start the movie at 6:30pm

As usual, this is an open event, so bring your friends, your enemies and everyone in-between! Plus, every attendee gets one free Pocky and drink!

Hope to see you there!
Your AMC Committee


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