Cosplay Picnic

Posted by Mokogari
7:00AM Monday, 28 March 2016

AMC is hosting its first cosplay event!

Come in full cosplay, casual cosplay, or no cosplay at all!

Come and meet other cosplayers within the club and chat and socialise while you enjoy some snacks.

Date: Thursday 31st March
Time: 12 - 3 pm
Location: While we have still yet to hear a response back from room bookings, we are looking to have this on the South Lawn. If for some reason this turns out not to be the case, another email will be sent, otherwise please just presume the South Lawn.

The club will provide some snacks but you're more than welcome to bring a plate of something to share, a picnic rug if you have one, and of course, games!


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General Meeting

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