2016 Semester 1 Screenings

Posted by Mokogari
9:30PM Monday, 29 February 2016

We're pleased to announce the first of our screenings for this semester! Apologies once again for the delay!

For those who don't know how our screening events work, the committee selects a collection of anime series to be screened using the huge projector screens courtesy of the university - because why else were lecture theatres installed with them? At a fixed time, every non-break week, we generally screen ~2 episodes, such that by the end of the semester we'll have seen either a ~24 episode-long series, or two ~12 episode-long series.

We watch them together as a group, and it can be pretty fun seeing other people's reactions to dramatic moments of the show. We as a committee also often try to provide a variety of different shows and genres so it can be a very good chance to see something new that you wouldn't otherwise have watched!

Now without further ado, the screenings for the beginning of this semester are:

Tuesdays (stating TOMORROW):
Kekkai Sensen (12 - 1 pm at Theatre 1, Alan Gilbert)
SHIROBAKO (1 - 2 pm at Theatre 1, Alan Gilbert)

Saki (1 - 2 pm at Medley Theatre, Redmond Barry)

Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex (1 - 2 pm at Agar Theatre, Biosciences 4)

Denpa Onna to Seishuun Otoko (1 - 2 pm at C2 Theatre, Engineering Block C)

Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso (1 - 2 pm at Theatre A, Old Arts)

For descriptions of the show, what episodes we're screening at the next screening, a campus map annotated with the screening locations, and other screening information please see our website's screening page at:


Looking forward to seeing you there!


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