Welcome to AMC for 2016

Posted by Mokogari
1:00PM Sunday, 28 February 2016

A huge welcome to all the members, both new and returning who have joined us for the coming year! We were glad to see your enthusiastic faces at the stall, and we hope you enjoy your time with the Anime and Manga Club (AMC for short)!

Of course, it wouldn't be a university club without events! This coming Friday is our semesterly "Welcome (Back) Party". This is a fun social event and is a great chance to meet people who share similar interests to you, and to make new friends!

Furthermore, this event is not just restricted to members, and anybody is welcome to join us! So please feel free to bring along anyone who you think might be interested!

Date: Friday 4th March
Time: 6 pm - 9 pm
Location: The Lounge, Union House (the room with all of those comfortable couches and microwaves on the ground floor of the Union House)
Facebook Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/665495123589949/

A free box of Pocky and a can of soft drink will be available for all members who attend.

In addition, this semester we're lucky enough to have a special guest - Hoka no Tea Time (HTT). HTT is an anime song cover band that has performed at various events, including at the conventions Animaga and Armageddon! They've prepared a great set list (including songs from FMA, Digimon and K-On!) so don't miss out!

In terms of dinner, delicious donburis, bentos and gyoza will be available to be ordered for the night from our sponsors at Ramen Ya, which will be delivered to the event. Members will receive a $4 discount from their order as well.

If you'd like to make an order, please just fill out the form at our website:


Many of our returning members will be aware that our club usually runs weekly screenings throughout the semester, by taking advantage of the university's projectors and huge screens. We usually screen approximately two episodes a week so that by the end of the semester we will usually have watched a single 26 episode show, or two 13 episode shows. They are a good opportunity to have fun watching shows with fellow members, and also to be exposed to a variety of really good shows from a range of genres that you might not have otherwise considered.

Unfortunately, room bookings have yet to come through this semester, and we have yet to receive them. However, we will let you all know as soon as they do!

That aside, in terms of keeping updated on our events and other club details, there are several avenues that we use. The first is, of course, via emails which are sent out to our members. We also do mirror them on our website here.

Furthermore, we also have a very active Facebook page:


This is probably one of the best ways to not only be kept posted on what's going on with the club, but to talk and discuss whatever takes your fancy with other members. We welcome all of you to join us!

For real-time conversation, we also have an active Skype chat used by many of our members:


It's a very friendly and social chat! Please feel free to join in if you're interested. It does require Skype to be installed to use it though, which can be installed painlessly if you don't have it already from the following link:


We hope you all enjoy yourselves with your time at AMC, and we can't wait to see you at our events!

Your AMC Committee


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Discord links tend to expire so please email us if this is the case and will get a new one up so u can join our server

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