Semester 1 Manga Event 1 - 12/03

Posted by Giffo
8:45PM Thursday, 5 March 2015

We're doing another event - this one will be a discussion shindig where we talk about manga, anime, and whatever takes our fancy. It should be fun, so come along.
Date: Thursday March 12
Time: 2:15pm to 5pm
Location: Joe Napolitano B, second floor of Union House (two floors up from the ground, or three from the basement).

Hope to see you there - and yes, you'll get a free Pocky just for showing up.

While we're at it, I should mention that for the next two weeks we'll be doing two and a half episodes of each show at each screening (except Samurai Flamenco on Fridays; check here if you need a reminder about what we're screening).

Oh, and don't forget to join up on Facebook if you feel the need.

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