Semester 1 Welcome Party - 06/03

Posted by Giffo
4:08PM Saturday, 28 February 2015

Welcome all!
The year is beginning, and it's time for a little meet-and-greet. Play games, meet new people, eat some donburis (trust me, they're good) and have some fun.

Date: Friday March 6

Time: 6pm to 9pm

Location: Members Lounge, Union House (that place on the ground floor near the food court and North Court with the TV and bean bags)

You can join the club on the night (use this form to make things easier), and you get $5 off donburis if you are a member (and membership's $5? This seems like a good plan...). Donburis can be ordered up until 11:59pm Thursday March 5 via this form, or you might be able to squeeze your order in late if you get to Members Lounge before around 5:30pm on the night and ask us really nicely.


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