Ramen Ya Dinner and Eva Art Exhibition

Posted by Perd
12:38AM Sunday, 26 May 2013

To celebrate the end of classes for the semester, and to give yourselves a bit of break before knuckling down for serious exam study (which may or may not include copious procrastination by way of anime watching for many of us) we are planning a double-event this Friday the 31st of May.

Firstly, we are going to have a look at the Evangelion Art Exhibition that is showcasing a collection of original concept and production art, character drawings and more - as well as offering certain exclusive Evangelion merchandise. Entry fee is $5 at the door. More information about the show is available here.

Date: Friday, 31st of May (last day of semester)
Time: Meeting at 4pm at the gallery, or 3:30pm from Uni; there'll be a few of us leaving as a group from second floor Union House at that time, if you want to tag along.
Place: No Vacancy Gallery, QV, 34-40 Jane Bell Ln, Melbourne (map here)

After the gallery closes at 5pm, we will wander over to our sponsors at Ramen Ya, for a dinner celebrating the end of semester. Come along for some good food, good conversation and some good relaxation before exams.

Time: around 5:30pm
Place: Ramen Ya, Paramount store (the bigger one closer to Exhibition St), 108 Bourke St, Melbourne
As always, members get 10% off all their meals at Ramen Ya - you only need to show your membership card.


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