Weekly Wrap Up 20th September 2011

Jeroz Posted by Jeroz
10:19PM Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Just for providing more content to this blog, I shall be collecting the weekly news and present them here.


  • The highly popular anime series Steins;Gate announced, none other by the head of 5pb himself, that a movie is in the works(source). A teaser also been released (source).  Personally i have no idea as to what will be in it as the main storyline has been exhausted throughout the past 24 episodes. 
  • The sequel to another hit series Bakemonogatari, Nisemonogatari (trailer) was announced to air on January. The original novel by Nishio Ishin will focus more on the two sisters of Araragi. It will again be animated by SHAFT with Akiyuki Shinbo at the helms. The promo video for the prequel Kisumonogatari is also released. (trailer)
  • At the end of the episode 25 of Tiger and Bunny, a special seiyuu even has also been announce to be held at 13th of November called "Tiger & Bunny Hero Awards" at the Kanagawa Kenmin Hall. (source)
  • The 6th CM for Fate zero has been released, this time focuses more on Berserker and Kariya. (trailer)
  • The PV for Ika Musume Season 2 is released as well. (trailer)
  • New PV for the upcoming Persona 4 Anime (trailer)
  • The Blu-ray ranking for the week ending 18th: Steins Gate volume 3 takes 2nd place ahead of Madoka Magica volume 5.

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