AMC Planned Events for S2 2019

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Created at 4:20PM Friday, 31 May 2019

Please note that the following are tentative plans and as such are subject to change without notice. Keep an eye out for the proper announcements, which is when the events have been confirmed and are unlikely to change.

Week NumberCurrently Planned Event
Week 5 Movie Night - Princess Mononoke
Week 6 Discussion Event
Week 7 Movie - Penguin Highway
Week 8 Drawing Event
Week 9 Trivia - (Thursday)
Mid-Semester Break Marathon, Karaoke, Cosplay Picnic
Week 10 Discussion
Week 11 Drawing, Ramen Eating Comp
Week 12 End of Semester Dinner at Ramen Ya

See past events in the News Archive


Next Event(s): Something? Maybe next year.


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