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The How and Why of AMC

Who the hell are you?!

Simply put, we are the Anime and Manga Club. Melbourne University's anime club.

AMC exists for anyone who is a fan of anime; whether a member of the University or not, AMC brings together people who got into anime by watching Cheez TV (or older!), living in Japan, wandering into a dark room one day, or just being born a fully fledged anime-lover.

The club itself was originally founded by Paul Fenwick (rumour had it that he formed the club to fund his Sailor Moon habit...) and has since grown into one of the biggest, oldest and most active anime clubs in Australia.

So... what do you actually do?

Well, that's easy. We watch anime, at screenings five days a week, every week of semester (check out our screening page for more info).

But there's much more than that. Members of the club are also able to borrow anime (through our NAS) from the club's extensive library, which is open at almost every screening.

You want more? Well how about Anime Marathons: where the committee serve as much anime (8 hours sound good?) as possible in a single day, straight into your retinas (not to mention pocky and pretz!) How about our Welcome Back Event and Trivia Nights? Movie Nights sound good? How about an inter-club Ramen eating competition?

Finally, we also maintain ourselves as a 'nice group of people' and many of us can always be found outside the screenings each week just chatting away, so why not join us?

Ok, where do I sign up?

You may sign up online or come along to one of our screenings or events (if you signup online, you'll still need to bring your payment to one of our events!). Membership is just $5 for the whole year, until next year's O-Week. Once you've paid your $5 you will receive a membership card which acts as your ticket to discounts from our sponsors, and gives you access to our library.

As far as member benefits go, here's what you get:

  • Free Access to the extensive Anime Library
  • The ability to run for committee positions at the AGM
  • Discounts from our sponsors 
  • Loads of Pocky at events
  • Entrance to our various events (such as Welcome Back and Trivia)
  • and the right to vote and let your voice be heard at club events


Being a member of AMC is a really fun and enjoyable experience. Sure, many of us are a somewhat crazed bunch, but we're also fun and friendly people.

So even if you're not so sure about joining, show up to a screening anyway and give us all a warm hello.


Enjoy the break from uni!


Screenings are happening five days a week this semester! Check out the screenings page for more info.


Check out the new library site for information about how to borrow, and what series we have (it's a lot, we have over 9TB of anime on offer!)


Meet like-minded members on our Facebook Page. Join our group to keep up to date!

Skype (Chat)

Looking for a place to chat with fellow club members? Then join us on our Skype chat! Requires Skype to be installed.

IRC (Chat)

Drop by our IRC channel at #wwwa @ irc.mergo.net (or use our IRC widget). There's always loads of us chatting and having fun!