AMC2019 - Post Exam Events!

Posted by Watari to the Club blog
1:22PM Monday, 25 November 2019

You did it! It's the first week of break!

Now that our toil is done, it is time for some fun!
....rhyme unintentional.

First up, we've got our Post Exam Marathon! You should know the drill by now: arrive when you want, watch some anime, eat some Pocky, have a drink and have a grand old time. Details below:

What: Post Exam Marathon! (Semester 2 Edition)
When: Friday, 29th of November. 9 am to 5 pm
Where: Old Geology - G04

Second is Post Exam Karaoke! If you signed up, don't forget to bring:
1. $22 in cash, exact change
2. Valid photo ID to prove you're above age

Here are the details for those that signed up:

What: Post Exam Karaoke (Semester 2 Edition)
When: Sunday, 1st of December. 2 pm to 7 pm.
Where: KBox Karaoke Bar - LaTrobe Street

Finally, we've got the Interclub End of Year Party!! Come along to what's likely going to be on of the biggest inter club anime events we've ever done to have some fun with trivia, rhythm games and more! All with free refreshments provided of course! Peep the deets down here:

What: InterUni Anime Club XMas Party
When: Saturday, 7th of December. 12 pm to 9 pm.
Where: RMIT Alumni Courtyard

Phew, that was a packed post. 
Anyway, hope to see you soon and here's to the coming of a well-deserved break!

Happy Holidays,
Your AMC Committee

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AMC2019 - Post-Exam Karaoke Signups!

Posted by Watari to the Club blog
8:09AM Monday, 18 November 2019

Good morning and happy Monday everyone!

We've now confirmed that most people want End of Exams Karaoke to happen on Sunday, the 1st of December! That means the weekend one week after exams end.

Karaoke will happen at KBox LaTrobe Street (like it always does) and for people who intend on going, there are two things you should know beforehand:

1. Bring valid photo ID to prove you're of age and can go into the venue (since it is a bar)
2. Bring $22 in cash so payment is as smooth as possible

If you're in, please fill out the following form with your contact details:


Announcements on other events to arrive soon-ish.

Until then, hope your exams go well and hope to see youn soon,
Your AMC Committee

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AMC2019 - Semester 2 End of Exams Karaoke (Planning)

Posted by Watari to the Club blog
11:50AM Tuesday, 12 November 2019

Boy that heading is a mouthfull.

Hope you guys are hanging in there with assignments and exam prep. But now we begin the process of PLANNING for: End of Exams Karaoke!

At the moment we're just figuring out when best to hold the thing, so if you're interested please fill in the following Google form with all your available/preferred dates: https://forms.gle/WpCNutivHECLg16A7

That's all for now. We'll likely be closing the form up on this Friday. Justso we have time over the weekend to do the proper contact detail signups ASAP (if we decide to go immediately after exams).

Good luck and good bye,
- Your AMC Committee

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AMC2019 - EoSD 2

Posted by Watari to the Club blog
11:33AM Tuesday, 22 October 2019

Helloooo every-nyan!

It's week 12. We're all tired. We're all ready for it all to be over. But if you can spare some time, come join us for our last event of the semester. Not our LAST event ever. We have end of semester events. Oh and there's meetup too.

Come along to our End of Semester Dinner! Let's look back on the old times, think toward the future and stress out over assignments and exams over steaming hot bowls of rice and ramen. But not both in the same one. Unless you're into that. You monster.

What: End of Semester Dinner
When: Friday, 25th of October. 6 pm to 8 pm
Where: Ramen-Ya Emporium (down in the basement!)

Also, final official Weekly Meetup happening on Wednesday, the 23rd of October. From 2 pm to 4 pm as per usual. Up in Joe Nap B also as always, mostly.

Good luck with everything. See you all when times are less..trying.

See you when we see you,
Your AMC Committee

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