AMC2019 - Semester 2 Trivia Night

Posted by Watari
4:20PM Tuesday, 17 September 2019

Hello esteemed members.

Do you feel it? The rumble. The excitement. The thunder.

AMC members one and all. I present to you, our main eventSemester 2 Trivia Night!

In week 9, we bring the quiz to end all quizzes. 8 rounds of pure anime knowledge. 4 themed, 2 music, 1 visual and of course our world* famous Tiebreaker Round. If that sounds like too much pressure though, just come in to grab a bento/donburi, a free Pocky and drink and get carried by that one buddy of yours that watches every single seasonal show. The point is to have fun! And to win those sweet, sweet figures.

Keen for a bento or donburi? Click here for the order form. Be sure to send one in before the night of Wednesday the 25th.

What: Semester 2 Trivia Night
When: Thursday (NOT Friday), the 26th of September. 6 pm - 9 pm. (6:30 pm start!)
Where: Sidney Myer Asia Centre's Yasuko Hiraoka Myer room. (go upstairs at the SMAC, and head left!)

If you feel like you need some revision, come to the week 9 Weekly Meetup! Maybe we'll look at some old Trivia Night slides and you can get a little feel for what's to come.

What: Week 9 Meetup!
When: Wednesday, the 25th of September. 2 pm - 4 pm
Where: Union House Second Floor. Joe Nap B.

As always, looking forward to see you there. Good luck and fare thee well.
- Your AMC Committee


Next Event: Weekly Meetup (01/06) Kaiji S2 Marathon (06/06)


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