End of Exams Marathon - 02/07

Posted by Watari
8:33PM Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Hello Members!

With the exam period finally coming to an end, we figured the best possible way to celebrate, that was befitting of our club, was to have a marathon! Of course, we aren't just going to show any old anime. The shows that will be screened will be based on the questions asked during our Semester 1 Trivia Night. So if there was a question you were confused about or a show you had never heard of before, you should definitely come along to learn some new facts about already watched shows, or get hooked onto a series you have yet to watch.


Date:  Wednesday, 2nd of July

Time: 9am - 5pm

Location: Chisholm Theatrette, Level 3, Babel Building


We aren't asking you to come to the whole day, just pop in when you can and enjoy whatever we have decided to show at the time.


Hope to see you there,

Your AMC Committee


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