Trivia Night - 27/9

Posted by Perd
11:54PM Thursday, 19 September 2013

The committee is proud to present the crown jewel of the semester, the event of events, the justification for embarking on marathons of anime: Trivia Night. It is a night to be remembered as the dogs of war are let loose. Friends become foes, the enemy of my enemy is potentially a friend and the fires of competitiveness are stoked in a quest to obtain One Pie—cough victory.

Date: Friday 27th of September
Time: 5:15pm till around 9pm
Location: Union House Lounge

In addition to the usual Pocky and drinks made available, this is one of the few chances where members can enjoy takeaway dinner from Ramen Ya, with discounted bentos on offer ($5 off for members!). To get your hands on these, make sure you fill out this form, however we also strongly encourage all members who are attending the event to RSVP via the form so we could gather a rough idea as to how many are attending, even if you aren't ordering a bento. Orders are open till Thursday 26th of September but don't leave it to the last minute. 

As with all of our events, Trivia Night is open and welcome to all your friends that you can invite. Whether you have just started watching anime or if anime is your life, soul and body, we have got questions for you all. We advise you to grab a partner beforehand as to make the grouping process on the night easier but fear not if you can't find one, we will be pairing those in a similar situation with you. This event is a great chance to meet other members of the club, make new friends and rivals, potentially win some pretty awesome prizes, and generally have a great time. For, in Barney Stinson's words, Trivia Night is going to be legen — wait for it... I hope you're not lactose intolerant — dary.

Hope to see you there~

Your WWWA Committee


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