WWWA at O-Week 2013

Posted by Perd
11:52AM Monday, 25 February 2013

It seems that the summer break has finally come to an end, and with it, the beginning of semester. Luckily, we have plans during O-Week to cheer you up!

Our stall will be present at South Lawn for sign-ups on Friday the 1st of March. If you want to renew your membership on Thursday the 28th of Feb instead, pop into our Marathon; we'll have sign-up's available there. Along with a gift bag filled with goodies we'll also be giving out raffle tickets to people who sign up; this is your opportunity to win some awesome prizes without having to win Trivia Night! Lastly, we'll be finishing off our O-Week with the Sponsor Run, ending up at Ramen Ya hopefully in time for dinner. Check out all the details below. Also just a reminder that your membership does not carry over from last year; so make sure to sign up again if you don't want to miss out on information about our events.

Marathon screenings are happening both days:

Date: Thursday February 28th, and Friday March 1st
Time: 10am - 4pm 
Location: Microbiology Building - Thomas Cherry Theatrette

Sign-up's will be available at the screening on the Thursday, and at South Lawn on Friday.

Raffle draw and prize give-out:

Date: Friday March 1st
Time: 3pm
Location: Stall at South Lawn

Additional tickets will be available for $1 each on the day (if some of the prizes catch your eye you can increase your odds and buy some extra tickets). An important note; make sure that you're at the stall at the appointed time to claim your prize! Otherwise, the prize may go to someone else. 

Sponsor Run:

Date: Friday March 1st
Time: 3.30pm
Location: Starting from our stall at South Lawn, going around to all our sponsors in the city.

A map of the route we will take is here: http://i.imgur.com/vnHzgvD.png

We'll meet at the stall and head around to visit all our sponsors, before finishing it off with dinner at Ramen Ya. A great way to socialise with members, both old and new, so come along!.

Club members who want to volunteer their time should contact president@3wanime.org for details; thanks for your help in advance. Volunteering could include things like helping out with the stall/screenings on the day, advertising, cosplaying, and just generally socialising with new and potential members.


Marathon (02/11)

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