O-Week Table

Tyris Posted by Tyris
5:14PM Thursday, 23 February 2012

We'll be running our O-Week table on Thursday and Friday (23rd and 24th of February) this week! Don't miss our Anime Store Crawl from 2.30 (starting at our O-Week stall) where we'll show you some of our sponsors around Melbourne, (let you do some shopping) and finish the day with a meal at Ramen Ya.

Come on by and join the club! It's only $5 and you get access to our massive library of content; discounts at a range of sponsors (list coming soon!) and access to all our events such as Karaoke nights, Trivia nights, Ramen eating competitions and more.

We also run anime screenings every day of the week! If you don't make it to O-Week, or want to have a look first; feel free to come along to our screenings. You can sign up any time! We even have an all day screening Thursday and Friday this week for O-Week in Turner Theatre in the Botany Building on campus.

See you there!


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