4th Annual Ramen Eating Competition

Posted by Giffo
9:40PM Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Hope you're all hungry (or will be soon), because it's time for the 4th Annual Ramen Eating Competition sponsored by Ramen Ya!

Come along to witness the greatest spectacle of hungry students slurping down ramen with all their might in an attempt to out-eat the competition - and perhaps get their weight up a little... Either way, it's gonna be a good time - whether you're watching, eating or perhaps a little bit of both.

Date: Sunday October 5
Time: 2:30pm
Location: Ramen Ya Paramount
Prizes: Yes

And yes, of course you can compete - join a team representing any of the following clubs!

- University of Melbourne: Anime and Manga Club (contact David Gifford at [email protected])

- Monash University Clayton: Society for Anime and Manga Appreciation (SAMA) (contact Jessica Lew)

- Monash University Caulfield: MCAC - Monash Caulfield Anime Club 2014 (contact Alexander Zhook (Sasha) at
0438 288 1660438 288 166)

- RMIT: Games Manga and Anime Society (RMIT)

- Swinburne: Swinburne Anime Club

Each team is capped at twelve competitors, so reply to the post below and/or contact the appropriate executives to reserve a spot. Spectators are of course welcome.

And yes, competing is free.

Hope to see you then,
Your AMC Committee


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